Dentists tend to hold their scrap for years until finally they feel the sudden desire to take the plunge and cash it all in. Well, we have good news for everyone. Submitting your dental scrap for cash is now easier and more lucrative than ever! Our intricate process of weighing and assessing your dental scrap will help you earn more cash than you would in a Cash-for-Gold operation. Wondering what to do with that influx of money? Check out some of our suggestions for life after dental scrap submission.


Option 1: Tuck it away for Retirement

Studies show that saving for retirement is a top concern among dentists. Dedicating your scrap return (or a portion of it) to your retirement account on a regular basis can reap rewards down the road and give you peace of mind while you watch your investments grow.

Option 2: Have A Staff Party

Want to boost morale for your hard-working staff? Celebrate their teamwork and dedication by hosting a party.

Having a staff party will show your team that you care about their mental wellbeing. Buying lunch, dinner, snacks or desserts is a simple way of showing your appreciation without detracting from the day-to-day operation. Want to do an all-out celebration instead? Be our guest!

Option 3: Staff Bonuses

What would your employees love even more than food? A surprise bonus! Staff bonuses reward your team for all of their hard work, and possibly even motivate them to develop a better work ethic. Regular staff bonuses are common in the dental industry.

Option 4: Office Remodeling

Have you been waiting for some additional income to update your chair-elevating mechanisms? Or looking to keep your patients comfortable with some new chairs? Your dental gold check may not be enough to fund all of your wishlist projects, but it will get the ball moving. Instead of waiting to win the lottery, use the money you receive from us to partially fund this project, and your savings for the rest.


Top Scrap Metal
Assessment Methods

Fire Assaying: the sample is added to another sample with lead and silver, and melted down. The lead mixes with noble metals, and the impurities rise to the top and are removed.

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Gravimetric Analysis: Used more often for palladium, gravimetric analysis reveals the precious metals by suspending them in a solution and washing the contaminates and impurities away.

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Technician in a dental lab working at a drilling or milling machine

Option 5: Upgrade Your Arsenal

In the same vein as office remodeling, upgrading on items like cleaning and extraction supplies will be worth it in the long run. Have your eye on an intraoral scanner? Stay on the cutting edge by purchasing some new and improved equipment.

Option 6: Give to Charity

Patients tend to put medical professionals on a pedestal, and for a good reason. Benevolence toward a local cause will go a long way in making a positive lasting impression on your patients. Your patients may even be eager to discuss worthy causes.

Option 7: Attend a Conference

Treating yourself and your staff to a conference is perhaps the most beneficial way to spend your dental scrap money. Conferences and trade shows may seem like a lavish expense, but they are imperative for staying on top of industry trends. The knowledge you gain and the connections that you make will pay this expense off in spades. We’re frequent trade show attendees ourselves– check out our schedule!

Option 8: Location, Location, Location

You may love your office, but the opportunity to expand or relocate to a higher-volume area can be appealing. Save some of this money for that future move you’ve been planning. It may be only a fraction of what you need, but your future self will thank you for it. Check out our guide for maximizing dental scrap return.