Ah, the dog days of August…a great time for lazy days on the beach, barbeques, and planning out goals for your dental lab for the remainder of the year.

What? That’s not what you had in mind?

August: Perfect Month to Get Goals in Order

Remember those goals you set way back in January? The ones you went after with gusto in the winter. Let’s take those out and dust them off. Hopefully, some are checked off your list but if you’re like most of us, a few may have been forgotten.

Time for Goal Refreshing

Remember when you spent all that time last winter cleaning out the hall closet? It looked great a few months ago right? Now, there’s a blanket shoved into the corner. And the sheets you asked your kids to fold and put away? Well, they put them away all right. They’re all balled up and stuffed under the comforter.

The closet isn’t looking so tidy anymore.

Time for Goal Refreshing

Even with the best of intentions, it’s hard to keep that same level of commitment as when you first started. So now’s the time to dust them off, polish them up, and refocus our energies on making them happen.

It’s time to reflect back on the goals from the first half of the year and decide if you got the results you were looking for. You need to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Are some activities too time-consuming to justify continuing them? Did that social media campaign bring in new clients? Did the new software help with the workflow? If not, can we adjust these to get better results?

For those goals that worked, great! Check them one off the list.

But for those that didn’t, it’s time to ask why.

Did you not have the resources or support for the project? Could you have done something different to achieve a better outcome? Is it something that’s still worth pursuing or should it be replaced with a new goal?


Why Now?

This is the time of year when everyone is kicking back and relaxing…including your competition. While they’re at the beach, you’re prepping for the second half of the year. When they come back after Labor day trying to figure out where they left off, you’re already working on your revamped goals. There’s no better time to plan than August!

And if you find that you need a little cash to put towards your projects, make sure to gather up your dental scrap and send it in to be refined. Turn around time for solids (crowns, bridges, buttons, inlays, etc) are 5-7 days. Get your payment and finish 2017 strong!