Here at Cora Refining, we want to make sure you get the most out of your precious metal scrap. Did you know, however, that you could be losing out on a substantial amount of cash? It’s true! You could have hundreds of dollars worth of metal just lying around your lab, waiting to be turned into profit. Precious metal where you least expect it, so follow these tips and start collecting extra cash!


No Crown Unturned

When it comes to getting cash for dental scrap, every particle helps. Make sure you check every possible source for precious metal. Of course this includes every crown and bridge around your lab. But some sources that may contain valuable metals include inlays, casting splashes, grindings, and even towels. Examine everything closely because it could be worth your time.


Cash in the Carpet

Rugs and carpeting are two of the most unexpected places to discover precious metal. It’s easy to lose small fillings and grindings in carpets, not to mention metal dustings! A good tip is to install carpet in metal finishing areas so they can capture any dropped fillings. Also put pieces of carpet at exits of your labs. You’d be surprised how much dental scrap can get stuck to the bottom of a technician’s shoes! Send those carpets off to be refined, and capitalize. Just be careful not to vacuum up too much of your valuable scrap. Which brings up our next tip…


Don’t Suck up the Cash!

It is very likely that you’ve vacuumed up a lot of your potential return. Don’t worry, you can still salvage that scrap. You should have a high quality vacuum, one that keeps dust levels under control. Maintain your vacuum on a regular basis by changing bags and cleaning the traps often. When you empty your vacuum bags, tape it shut, seal the hole in the bag and then send it in for refining. The same process can be practiced for air conditioning filters. They can suck up precious metal dust that flies around your lap. Add these in with your vacuum bags and watch your bucks stack up.


cash for dental scrap

Fashion is Everything

Lastly, take a good look at your technician’s uniforms. Are they looking a little dusty? They may be wearing precious metal dental scrap! Make sure you provide your staff with paper dental refining jackets. They are specially designed to catch the shards of metal that become airborne. All you need to do is throw the jackets in with the rest of your unconventional refining materials!

Once you’ve gotten every possible particle of dental scrap together, you’re ready to gather it up and turn that scrap into cash. Call Cora Refining today so we can get you the highest return on all of your dental scraps.