What happens to platinum after it’s refined? Among the various precious metals, platinum is one of the most versatile. Aside from being lucrative dental scrap, platinum is used for myriad technologies, becoming irreplaceable in many regards. And, because the malleable, gray metal is so rare, much of its application must be accomplished through platinum-derived compounds. In doing so, we can conserve the valuable supply of platinum for as long as possible. These are a few of the ways that platinum and platinum compounds are utilized in our society.


Platinum Dental Impression

Platinum and Dental Work

Though it should come as no surprise, platinum is often used in dental work due to its durability. Crowns and bridges are more likely to last longer without suffering damage when composed of platinum.


Platinum and Automobile Parts

Platinum is indispensable in allowing the automobile industry to overcome environmental regulations. As the main material in catalytic converters, it helps to convert dangerous gases into harmless materials, like carbon dioxide and water.


Platinum and Gasoline Production

Platinum catalysts are essential in the extraction of petroleum as well. They play an important part in breaking down crude oils into gasoline, which is usable for the consumer. This process is called catalytic reforming, and can also be used to create plastic.


Precious Metal in Computer Storage

Platinum and Computer Storage

Before the integration of platinum in computer hard drives, they had a significantly smaller memory capacity. Placing platinum within the cobalt alloy of the hard drive enhances the magnetic capability, thus increasing the memory capacity.


Platinum and Silicone Production

Platinum compounds are often included in silicone mixtures before production takes place. This allows silicone to develop properties that make it more desirable in future applications.


Platinum and Medicinal Uses

Platinum is incredibly valuable in the world of medicine. Converting platinum into a chemical form can create a medicine which stops cancer cells from multiplying. While it will not outright kill these harmful cells, it will stop them from multiplying within the body.


Platinum and Jewelry

Beyond the multitude of practical uses, platinum is highly valued for its aesthetic value. Because of its resistance to damage, platinum maintains a high degree of natural beauty. It also has a high purity rating.



Cora Refining: Platinum for Cash

As a dental refiner that deals with years of experience in dealing with platinum, we understand the immense value it carries. For dental offices, platinum (and other precious metals) can generate additional income that is valuable for miscellaneous expenses, expansion, and renovation. For society, platinum helps us to push the boundaries in technology.

Cora Refining is a dedicated dental refinery that offers transparent, fair rates based on the weight of the dental scrap. For more info about our structured payment system, check out our price schedules.