Are you a dental lab looking to receive more cash for dental scrap? There are many strategies to increase your dental scrap returns. The most effective techniques for getting the most out of your dental refining return are using sink traps, floor mats and collection boxes.


Here we will explain three techniques & how to use them to your advantage.


Sink Traps

Sink traps are very affordable; it’s even possible to make them on your own. A sink trap will catch any precious metals or materials that run through the production sinks. There have many instances where dental labs implement a sink trap and after a just a few months earn a couple extra hundred dollars on their return.


Floor Mats

Floor mats also known as reclamation mats, are used in polishing areas and dental material production labs. The mats will allow excess pieces to accumulate over time. Reclamation mats are designed to collect precious metal dust and keep them from sticking to your shoes. The leftover dust and materials may not seem like much, but after time the amount of precious metals and gold will add up. Excess dust from gold and precious metals also tend to be much more pure. Most dental refineries will allow you to simply roll up the mat and send it in with your materials.


Collector Boxes

These boxes are created for an easy workstation that will keep excess precious metals and dust from escaping. Collection boxes are constructed with two holes on each side, as a place for you to insert your hands. These boxes are created in order to catch excess precious metals and gold as you work with the materials.

The techniques discussed all have one goal in common, to safeguard as much precious metal, dental scrap and dust as possible. By adding these to your dental lab, you’ll be sure to notice a significant difference in your dental scrap return.


Cora Refining has many years experience offering unparalleled online dental refining services. We encourage dental labs to make the most out of their materials by implementing dental scrap saving strategies.

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