At Cora Refining we utilize the world’s oldest techniques of refining, because they are the highest standard in excellence: providing unmatched purity and output. One way a company can ensure they are getting the most money for their dental scrap metals is through working with a quality company like Cora Refining, who will take care of your scrap and refine it expertly.


In order to ensure your dental office is optimizing its monetary value in scrap metal, it is important to review your numbers. Your scrap-to-alloy ratio is a number that represents how much scrap per ounce you are collecting vs. how much new metal you are purchasing. The ideal percentage according to the industry is 15-18%. If you are not reaching that goal, consider how you are recovering your scrap metal by reviewing our scrap recovery checklist below in order to ensure you are not missing anything when gathering scrap.

Scrap Recovery Checklist

  • Vacuum the entire work area: cleaning lights, cracks, crevices, chairs and shoes.
  • Platinum muffles and Thermocouples in obsolete equipment can be scrapped.
  • Place carpets at the entrance and exit of finishing areas to collect grindings and dust.
  • Collect all slag from casting well. Be sure to check the well daily.
  • Collect all floor sweepings from finishing and casting area.
  • Collect all remakes or crown returns.
  • Collect all contaminated buttons and spills.
  • Collect all crucibles used for casting precious metals.
  • Collect all worn carpet pieces in finishing area.
  • Collect all grindings from benches.
  • Collect all grindings from drawers.
  • Collect all spills and debris (slag) from the casting well areas.
  • Collect all vacuum system debris including the vacuum bags.
  • Collect all platinum foil scrap.
  • Wipe all countertops clean.
  • Check all suction units.
  • Scrap all precious metal crowns or bridges.
  • Save sink traps.