At Cora Refining, we work with dental labs across the United States and Canada to make them money by refining their dental scraps. Now, you may be wondering how your dental labs can start making money by refining your dental scraps. Or maybe you’ve begun collecting your dental scraps but find yourself thinking where can you look within your dental lab to find more precious metal dental scraps? Below we have discussed the many places you should be looking.

Refine Dental Metal

Floor Sweeps

Yes, you can send us your vacuum bags and bagged floor sweeps! We will accept all of the material within your floor sweeps, such as dust, hair, dirt, etc. We then refine the material to get the precious metals from it and pay you for the value of those precious metal dental scraps!

Collect Worn Carpet Pieces

If you are replacing your carpet- collect it, don’t throw it away! Carpet, especially carpeting from the casting area, can collect many pieces of precious metal dental scrap within its fibers. You can send the carpet pieces to us directly to refine for you.


Suction Filters

By checking the central suction filters and units you are increasing your precious metal dental scrap recovery. By doing so your overall bottom line profit from refining those dental scraps will increase as well! For more information on the buying dental scraps check out our most recent post here.

Check the Casting Well

You should collect all spills and debris (aka slag) from the casting well. It is beneficial to your lab for you to check the well daily in order to collect the most dental scrap from this area. There are many tips for turning your dental scraps into cash.


Clean Your Countertops and Office Area

Collect what is wiped from the countertops and from within benches, drawers, and chairs. Dental scrap metal within dust can collect within these areas. While small, when added together it can equal a lot of money in the end. Collecting materials wiped from countertops is one of the many ways you can optimize dental scrap profits.

Contact us today in order to start making money for your dental lab! Also check out our blog for helpful dental refining information, relating to our dental refining process, the advantages of using precious metals in dental crowns and bridges and more!

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