At Cora Refining we utilize state-of-the-art machinery in our execution of time-honored methods of refining. Our dental scrap refining standards are unparalleled in the industry. That is why while other dental refining companies are emphasizing their use of “new processes,” we emphasize quality. Our time-honored refining methods, coupled with our expert customer service make Cora Refining your best choice for turning your dental scrap into cash.

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Our Time-Honored Approach Provides the Best Results

Consider a fresh baked loaf of bread with its audibly crunchy crust and soft, aerated inside, compared to the standard loaf of pre-sliced bread encased in plastic and closed with twist tie. One of those is made with the newest forms of 21st century technology, while the other follows a time-honored tradition of labor, love, and robust flavor. Now, which would you prefer to eat?

At our dental scrap refinery, we employ some of the most talented chemists who utilize refining methods such as fire assay and gravimetric precipitation.

Metal refining for the dental industry requires accurate measurements to provide accurate results. We at Cora Refining are meticulous in our operations and guarantee our accuracy. Our precise measurements during processing and refining produce the highest yield for you. This in turn means that you are able to get the most money returned for your dental scrap when you choose to work with us.


Trust in Us for Quality and Customer Service

When working with your precious metal dental scrap trust is always essential. How else can you gather your dental scraps and mail them off to a company? Without trust that is just not possible. So we at Cora Refining make this promise to our customers: we provide full disclosure of everything– from each step in our refining process. Our pricing is listed so you are fully aware of the costs associated with our work and we never charge additional or have any hidden fees.


Experience and Dedication

Our company was founded in 1976 by Bob Raths who sought to provide high-quality dental scrap refining to the dental lab industry. He has led the company to an amazing growth while still maintaining our established goal of quality, an amazing feat. We employ extremely knowledgeable and talented scientists as part of our team of experts here at Cora Refining. Through our hard work, meticulousness and dedication to excellence, we are proud to provide refined metal for the dental industry to the 50 U.S. states and Canada. Contact us today to start turning your dental crowns, bridges, and other dental scraps into cash!