We provide our pricing schedule upfront, to make the dental refining process simple. We aim to be the most trustworthy company in the dental refining industry by providing full disclosure on the entire process. After submitting your dental scrap, we provide step by step updates on where your materials are in the refinement process.

All materials are thoroughly tested, to get you the largest return, for your unwanted dental scrap. Your trust is our top priority, we understand the value held on the precious metals being sent for refinement. Everything we charge is explained upfront, with Cora Refining you never have to worry about additional charges or hidden fees. If you have additional questions about our pricing schedule, Contact us here.

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Dental Scrap Refining

Refining Charges for Recovered Metal

Gold $160/oz
Palladium $145/oz
Platinum $135/oz
Silver $1.95/oz

Prices Paid for Refined Metal

Gold 2nd London Gold Fix
Palladium 2nd London Palladium Fix
Platinum New York Closing Price
Silver Handy & Harman Settlement Price

Settlement Times

Solids-C&B, Buttons, Etc 7 Days after receipt
Grindings & Fillings 14 Days after receipt
Floor Sweeps, Rugs, etc 30 days after receipt