There are many online dental refineries out there, so why should you work with Cora Refining? Well, for starters we are a national dental refining company that has been providing dental offices with cash for their precious metal scrap for over 30 years. At Cora, we pride ourselves on assaying and refining the heavy metal dental scraps we receive through the most accurate methods, such as through fire assay for gold assaying and gravimetric precipitation for assaying palladium.

By taking the time to expertly assay our metals through these two methods of dental refining, we get you the most cash for dental scrap as possible. How exactly do we assess your dental materials for cash? Learn more about the process of selling your dental scrap, turning metal to money, below:

Gold onlay cemented on molar


How Scrap Metal Is Assessed for Profit

Once your material is received it is logged and weighted. It is then refined through a burning process, which eliminates any combustible material present. Any solid metal left over from that refining process is then assessed for purity and monetary value.


Dental scrap metal is assessed through the process of “assaying,” which determines the purity of the precious metal by quantifying which metals are present in the melted down bar. Want the most cash for dental gold? The literal “gold standard” for gold assaying is the fire assay method, and is the method by which all others are compared for accuracy and productivity.


During the fire assay process the sample is added to a separate sample of lead and pure silver. It is then heated in a furnace, treated with chemicals, and melted down. The lead then mixes with the noble metals, such as gold and platinum. Once poured into a mold the metals can then solidify and the impurities rise to the top and are removed. The lead/noble metal mixture is then oxidized to separate the lead from the noble metals to be weighted and measured.


Another method of assaying which is considered one of the best for its output and quality is gravimetric precipitation. It is notably the best method for assaying palladium in particular.


The quantitative determination of a substance such as palladium is discovered through the measurement of its mass, defined as “gravimetric analysis.” This is done after the substance has been precipitated. The first step is isolation of an ion, which is done by suspending the material in a solution. Then the precipitation reaction takes place, followed by the filtering out of materials, repeated washing the precipitate free of contaminates and impurities, and conserving the product or “composition.” The composition of precious metal is then weighted and measured.


Selling Your Dental Scrap

Now that you understand a little more about the process through which we assess the monetary value of your dental scrap, you’re ready to start making money with us!


STEP 1 gather your dental bridges, gold crowns, clasps, partials, floor sweepings and more!
STEP 2 Request a container from us to package your dental scrap.
STEP 3 After you gather and package the dental materials schedule a FedEx pickup.
STEP 4 After waiting only a few days after we receive your scraps, start collecting your cash!


For more information on specific pricing and settlement times check out our price schedule page. Ready to sell your dental scrap? Contact us today!