Technician in dental lab working under a microscope

How to Sell Your Dental Scrap

Do you have a jar of old crowns collecting dust in the corner of your office? Maybe you forgot about them or just haven’t had the time to research how to sell your dental scrap. Refining dental crowns and bridges is easier than you  ...Read More

Palladium chart May 3 2021

Palladium Update: Outlook 2021

If you use palladium in your lab, you’ve likely noticed that the price of palladium has been climbing rapidly over the past few months. You may be wondering what is behind the high prices, and will it ease up this year? As some of  ...Read More

Is It A Good Time To Invest In Gold?

With gold prices continuing to fall (12% for the year so far as of the writing of this post), many people are questioning whether it’s a good time to buy gold as an investment. A little background to the factors that affect the price  ...Read More

What’s Causing The Price of Cobalt to Go Up?

As precious metal refiners for the dental industry, we are in the unique position of noticing changes in the materials that dental labs are using. In the past few years, we’ve seen a drastic increase in the use of base alloys, such as cobalt,  ...Read More


Dental Scrap Refining FAQ’s Part 2

As part of Cora Refining’s commitment to provide our clients with a superior dental refining experience, we periodically answer some of the most common questions we hear from our clients.   Can We Ship Our Scrap Via Mail? We have noticed that some people  ...Read More

tooth with crown

What Are Dental Crowns Made of and Why Are They Valuable?

In the age of modern dentistry, dental crowns are an invaluable tool. As a solution for both repairing fractured teeth and augmenting the function of other prosthetics, dental crowns can be extremely beneficial. While the effectiveness and durability of dental crowns depends on individual  ...Read More