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3 Step Guide to Ensure Patients Keep their Appointments

All successful businesses thrive on focused organizational strategies. As a dental gold refinery, our business is no different. Our structured price schedules give clients the information they need to understand how we determine our prices. Similarly, our variety of shipping containers give dental practices  ...Read More

7 Reasons You Should Sell to an Online Dental Refiner

For dental labs and dental practices, selling your dental scrap to a refiner is a no-brainer. But, there are so many options these days. The cash for gold shop down the street, the refinery salesman, and the large gold refinery are all appealing. However,  ...Read More

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Why Isn’t Aluminum Considered a Precious Metal?

At Cora Refining, we consider it a priority to learn as much as possible about precious metals. Staying updated on trends, new technology and best practices helps us to maximize our clients’ return for each precious metal sample. Beyond new industry developments, understanding the  ...Read More

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The Top 4 Myths About Dental Scrap Refining

As refiners for the dental industry for over 40 years, we’ve heard a lot of feedback about the refining industry – some good, some not so good. Many people have had the good fortune of finding a refiner that provides them with consistent, accurate  ...Read More

History of Gold in Dental Work

Largely considered the crown jewel of precious metals, gold has quite a reputation of excellence. For many involved in the dental refining or dental industries, it can be difficult to separate the concept of gold from its industry uses. Gold has played an invaluable  ...Read More

Dental Metal in Lab Tech's Hand

What Makes Platinum so Valuable as a Precious Metal?

What happens to platinum after it’s refined? Among the various precious metals, platinum is one of the most versatile. Aside from being lucrative dental scrap, platinum is used for myriad technologies, becoming irreplaceable in many regards. And, because the malleable, gray metal is so  ...Read More

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Using Social Media for Your Dental Practice

Dental practices are similar to small businesses in that a positive reputation is essential to continued success. And in that once a customer or patient is lost, it’s impossible to regain them. You can manage negative comments on the internet, but there is a  ...Read More