Scheduling your scrap collection is
key to increasing your dental refining profits

When looking to create an additional source of income for your dental practice, scrap from precious metals is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be overlooked. At Cora Refining, we recognize how important it is for dental professionals to generate profits within all facets of their practice. This includes recycling old or replaced crowns, bridges or fillings that contain gold, silver, palladium and platinum precious metals. With 40 years of professional experience in the dental scrap industry, Cora Refining knows the key components to lucrative precious metal recycling, ensuring that you’re putting extra profit back into your business and not in the trash.


1. Create a Schedule

Want to scrap successfully? Create a schedule. Holding yourself and your practice accountable with a regular schedule will have a great impact on your profit. Just because you’ve only collected a small amount doesn’t mean it isn’t additional revenue…it all adds up. Want to be both efficient and profitable? Keep these next key points in mind.


2. Appoint a Scrap/Refining Coordinator

Assign someone on your staff to be responsible for ensuring that scrap collection and shipment are completed according to the predetermined schedule. We recommend establishing a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual schedule, depending on what you deem best for your practice. This coordinator will be the point of contact for your chosen refinery.

Dental Staff


3. Educate your Team

If you want your staff to be compliant with scrap collection, they have to understand what they are expected to collect. Any extractions that contain metals, crowns, bridges, inlays, silver alloy and metal implants should all go into the collection jar. Your staff should also be familiar with the types of materials that your refinery does not accept as this will prevent your staff from wasting valuable time.


4. Package with Care

When sending your scrap collection to your chosen refinery, be sure to package with care. Check with your refinery to make sure that your shipment is fully insured. Have questions? Contact your refining company. At Cora Refining, we want to ensure that our clients are 100% comfortable and confident when choosing us as their go-to company for refining services. That’s why we encourage questions regarding shipping and packaging. Our 40 years of experience in the industry allows us to guide you in making the best choices for your practice.


5. Keep Records

Logging your scrap settlements and tracking your income is an ideal way to see how much additional revenue you have generated. It also gives you detailed records for tax purposes.