Sell Your Dental Scraps to Cora Refining

At Cora Refining, a dental refining company, we’re dedicated to getting you the most value for your unwanted gold, platinum, palladium and silver dental materials. We have over 39 years experience in servicing dental businesses across the United States and Canada.


What dental materials can I sell to Cora Refining?

Most older dental crowns, bridges and gold filings have value. Cora refining accepts unwanted crowns, bridges, partials, porcelain fused metals and porcelain fused gold. Contact us if you have any questions, regarding what dental materials you can sell. We gladly accept all gold, palladium, platinum and silver dental scraps.


When is the Best Time to Sell My Dental Materials?

Precious metal prices fluctuate, however trying to hold out for the best return rate may do more harm than good. If you hold out for the best rate and the rates decrease you could lose out. At Cora Refining we’re experts in dental refining and guarantee you the best pricing. Waiting for the best price on precious metal scraps can be extremely time consuming and ineffective. The price fluctuation for dental scrap and precious metals is constantly changing and because of this waiting for the highest rate will not dramatically change your return. At Cora Refining we thoroughly test all materials in order to get you the most amount of cash for your dental scraps.


Why sell your dental scraps to Cora Refining?

Cora Refining has solidified strong relationships with the best lab companies in the dental refining industry. We’re on your side and out to provide you with the absolute best return for your gold, platinum, palladium or silver dental scraps. When choosing to sell your dental scrap to Cora Refining you can rest assured your getting the highest return possible.


How do I sell my dental scraps to Cora Refining?

Selling your dental scraps to Cora Refining is easy. The first step in selling your dental materials to us is to request a shipping container. Once you receive the container you can schedule a FedEx Pick up directly through our website. After receiving your dental materials we will test them and after a short turn around time send out your check.