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Safe Haven Refining After the Election

It is pretty common for investors to seek safe havens for their assets, especially when the markets are experiencing times of turbulence. Markets typically get a bit stormy during recessions, depressions, or some kind of political uproar. The recent 2016 presidential election was no  ...Read More

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Precious Metals: Worth The Weight

Selling your dental scrap to Cora Refining is definitely a smart and lucrative move. If you’re new to dental refinery, or you have never refined with us, how do you know that you’ll be getting your highest return? Sure, we’ve got the clientele word  ...Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Dental Alloys?

As a refiner of precious metals, we see the changes in the materials used by labs and dental offices pretty quickly. One of the changes that has accelerated rapidly over the past 2 -3 years is the use of base metals (Nickel, Chrome and  ...Read More

dental refining

4 Strategies to increase profitability

As a dental scrap refiner, we keep a close eye on the latest trends in the dental industry. LMT recently published their 2016 Fee Survey Report. The report highlighted the challenging conditions that dental labs are facing in 2016. It’s a Race to the  ...Read More

dental refining

Get The Most Metal Out of Your Crowns and Bridges

Here at Cora Refining we take pride in delivering the most accurate and highest return on all your dental scrap. Not only do we use the most state of the art techniques such as x-ray fluorescence to derive the value of your dental scrap,  ...Read More

Have You Followed the Bear?

The cosmic ray adventure of Cora the Bear Our company mascot, Cora the Bear, had the unique opportunity to take flight into the atmosphere. In conjunction with Earth to Sky Calculus, Cora Refining’s sponsored donation allowed for all of the necessary supplies to launch  ...Read More

World’s Fair of Dentistry, September 24th and 25 2016

The World’s Fair of Dentistry’s unique location Last minute preparations are under way for the World’s Fair of Dentistry this weekend, September 24th and 25th, in Flushing, NY.  We’re excited to be an exhibitor not only because of the great opportunity to meet some  ...Read More

LMT Lab Day East 2016

3 Excursion Options During Lab Day East 2016

We’re getting excited here at Cora Refining ! On Saturday, September 17th, we head over to LMT’s Lab Day East® at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Now, everyone knows about the casinos in Atlantic City. But what if you’re not a gambler? Not a  ...Read More

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Is Your Business Receiving the Highest Return Rate?

Locate the hidden profits in your practice! One of the greatest benefits of dental refining is the realization that your efforts are consistently bringing more value and income to your practice. With incredible gold prices, currently over $1300.00, dental refining is a profitable exercise  ...Read More